Dave Cavalier – Talk is Cheap: Emotively Captivating Alt Rock

Talk may be cheap, but Dave Cavalier’s timeless talent is priceless. The Los Angeles, US-based up and coming artist has proven with his latest single that he is more than worthy of a spot on the radio waves.

Generally, when it comes to Alt Rock, the vocals tend to be a little brash so, to hear Dave Cavalier’s resonantly inviting vocals over the subtle and light piano melodies was an almost tear-jerking experience. When the violin was thrown into the mix, Talk is Cheap almost became an attack on the emotions. By the time the track fades out, you’re more than invested within the lyricism. Bringing the Alt Rock edge is the primal rhythm which comes curtesy of the drums which provide a backbone to the lucid instrumental arrangements.

Head on over to the artist’s official website to check out Talk is Cheap along with the rest of his latest EP ‘Rumours’. Each track is as emotively captivating as the last.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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