Darragh Chaplin – Don’t Worry: Acoustic Indie Fans; Get Ready For the Goosebumps

If it’s been a while since a track gave you goose bumps, I strongly suggest turning your attention to Darragh Chaplin’s latest single ‘Don’t Worry’. The resonance that bleeds over the Acoustic Indie Folk track is overwhelmingly captivating, your mind doesn’t even get the chance to deconstruct the sound, instead the synergised melodic waves simply crash over you. The level of harmony in Don’t Worry is unparalleled by any track I’ve checked out this year by far.

After the track fades out, you’re left with so many questions, and an almost agonising desire to answer them by hitting repeat. All of the instrumental aural alchemy allows Darragh’s vocals and pensively penned lyrics to really speak to you whilst every throb and swell of the stringed instruments and piano draws you further into the soundscape.

Fans of Lewis Watson, Damien Rice and Lewis Capaldi you’re going to absolutely love the soundscapes on offer from the prodigally, yet timelessly talented singer songwriter and instrumentalist.

You can check out Darragh Chaplin’s latest single Don’t Worry for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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