Dark Soul: London’s Rhea knows that this evil shadow has certainly sinned on ‘Blood on your hands’

On one of the most beautifully frightful tracks you will ever hear in your whole existence, Rhea discreetly cuts through our inquisitive consciousness with a sharp-edged experience that might remind you of early Lana Del Ray with ‘Blood on your hands‘.

Rhea is a 24-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter and artist who appears to make music from the most profound part of her highly creative soul as he uses this outlet to help stay sane in this puzzling world.

My goal is to make music and art others can relate to, I also want to fuse visual are and music together.” ~ Rhea

Rhea dispenses us into this movie-like picture with vivid detail and harmonises with such a lovably raw style, as each expression is propelled with such perspicacity and emotion. It’s like she has truly seen this story with her own eyes and directs us, into a release that will have your whole soul shaking in utter disbelief at this underground gem.

Blood on your hands‘ from the terrifically talented and highly-promising London, UK-based indie-pop artist Rhea, is such a heart-stopping song that you might need a cold glass of water afterwards. This is an authentic singer-songwriter with so much potential at her very fingertips, who is such a vividly descriptive storyteller beyond compare. There is a knife-edge of anticipation here as you don’t quite know what is going to happen next – which has you so fascinated like you are watching a future great at work – while she is still fairly unknown and finding the sound that she wants to propel to the world.

Hear this deep track on her Soundcloud and see more of her activities on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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