Dark Red Lips: OneSelf is her biggest fan on ‘Miss Classy Woman’ (feat. Mario Deschenes)

Atypical So ( A ) Typical by OneSelf Featuring Mario Deschenes

Taken off his latest 11-track album ‘Atypical so (A) Typical‘ which is his 6th release so far in this storied career, OneSelf shows the world his genuine appreciation for her sensual style on his latest riff-packed single called ‘Miss Classy Woman(feat. Mario Deschenes).

OneSelf is an underground Québec, Canada-based indie-rock solo singer-songwriter who is the creation of Mario Deschênes. This is a highly creative artist who just loves to make music that we can all sing with, that takes your mind away from any anxieties tormenting you in this rather odd world.

With his signature vocal expression on high and featuring a full-paced guitar experience, OneSelf returns on a loved-up track all about hoping that you may catch her attention – so that you can be together with them at last – in the warm arms of someone who makes your heart beat extra fast.

Miss Classy Woman(feat. Mario Deschenes) from the experienced Québec, Canada-based indie-rock solo singer-songwriter OneSelf, is the show of love for that special person who he fantasizes about being with. He sings with utter vigour on this raw track that is full of bounce and love, as he imagines being with his dream girl.

Hear this new single on Bandcamp and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


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