Dark Honey – The Moon: Ethereally Resounding Eighties-Inspired Indie

For a track to be simultaneously uplifting yet melancholic should be somewhat of a paradox, yet that’s exactly what Dark Honey created with their latest single The Moon. The eighties inspired pensive Indie anthem almost spills over with emotion. By the time you reach the second chorus it’s almost impossible not to be consumed by their ethereally resounding offering of pure aural alchemy that’s been put on the table with their latest single the Moon.

The New York based four piece powerhouse have a synergetic way of weaving some of the catchiest hooks and melodies, before throwing your off kilter with some seriously impressive instrumental breakdowns in the track. Their melodic nature audibly paints dreamscapes which are surely enough to ensure that these rapturously relented artists won’t remain on the underground for too long.

You can check out Dark Honey’s music out for yourselves by heading over to their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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