Dark Capricorn Rising are ready to fight back against the evil wolves on ‘Blood of Kings’

Showing us where the grim reapers are and what is needed to survive these vein-tingling forces, Dark Capricorn Rising rattle the cages and delivers a vigorous song to get a reaction from our whole body with, ‘Blood of Kings‘.

Dark Capricorn Rising is a 3-piece Canton, Michigan-based indie hard rock band who takes a sledgehammer to our speakers with gleeful joy on each one of their tracks.

Formed in 2018, Dark Capricorn Rising cause a rampage on the streets to occur with a thunderously vicious vocal experience that will shake your entire core and shatter your nerves into tiny pieces. With a fierce guitar force on offer too, this is a powerful performance from a band who shows us that vital hunger required for greatness during this new single.

Blood of Kings‘ from Canton, Michigan-based indie hard rock band Dark Capricorn Rising is a heavy song for all those who love it raw and to the max. They seem to attack the mic and forcefully delve into our earlobes with devastating effect, which is quite marvellous to experience as you get lost in their world.

If you like it loud and with much intent, this is a track that will get you blowing your amp into tiny smithereens.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via their website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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