Danxx Twinz Bring their Wit and Melodic Talent to Their Latest Energetic Hip Hop Drop “Flavors”

If your Hip Hop playlists are missing energetic contemporary beats, the latest drop from the Danxx Twinz will make the perfect new addition. Their latest single “Flavors” locks down the melody, amps up the rhythm and brings the charisma to the bars.

But perhaps the most captivating part of this single is how raw, real and relatable the lyrics are. They perfectly encapsulate the nature of contemporary relationships without resorting to misogyny (I was starting to think that it impossible in Hip Hop) or allowing the track to become in danger of being a little cheesy. There’s the perfect pinch of romanticism in the commanding bars which allow Danxx Twinz to use the track as a testament to their playfully witty lyrical style.

You can check out Flavors for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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