Danny Vye – Chasing Time featuring Stefan Kelk

In collaboration with Stefan Kelk, up and coming indie-pop artist Danny Vye released their debut album, ‘Blown Away’; and that’s exactly how it left us.

The standout single ‘Chasing Time’ is a testament to the UK-based artist’s talent in orchestrating simple yet simultaneously phenomenal feats of folky indie-pop. He didn’t need to deviate too far from the mould to create a viscerally magnetic single. Instead, he relied on the potency of vocal emotion, the poetry in the lyrics and the havoc that the progressive instrumentals play with your rhythmic pulses. If any track can leave you feeling like your soul is creeping up into your throat, it’s Chasing Time.

There’s a slight alt 90s feel to the track that seems to ooze the substance and gravitas that mainstream artists sorely lack. If you appreciate tracks that remind you of your capacity to feel, hit play.

Danny Vye’s EP, Blown Away, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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