Daniele Montagner (Ensemble Voyagers) – De gli occhi de la mia donna si move: Globally-Inspired Classical

‘De gli occhi de la mia donna si move’ is a recent composition from Ensemble Vogers; an open ensemble created by Daniele Montagner which explores the musical roots of Western Civilations. With piercingly ethereal vocals from Aki Osada the piece unravels around the swiftly compelling progression of flute, lute, harmonium and drums. The strength in the vocals hits you at the same time as the transient plucking and thudding of the instruments for an unadulteratedly pure aural experience. Whilst Neo-Classical is finally starting to break waves in the UK, there is little which can compare to the Medievally inspired piece which blends a myriad of cultures both archaic and cotemporary together to produce a compellingly cinematic sound to represent the evolution of music.

You can listen to Daniele Montagner – Ensemble Voyagers composition De gli occhi de la mia donna si move for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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