Daniele Montagner (Ensemble Voyagers) – Asadoya Yunta: A Classical Reinvention of Okinawa

For a taste of Eastern Asia reinvented by classically inspired world-class artists, there really aren’t too many places to turn. Thankfully Daniele Montagner with her open collective of artists who all enjoy paying an ode to the roots of music and infusing their sound with contemporary tonality has created the perfect composition with Asadoya Yunta.

Shinobu Kikuchi’s operatic vocals match the rhythmically compelling, fluidly seamless composition to the light notes which make up the melody for one of the most authentic, yet simultaneously pioneering offerings of traditional Okinawa Japanese music.

It’s pieces like this which truly open your senses, whilst the world is intent on believing the Beatles made music what it is today there are gripping compositions such as these which really take the soundscapes we devour today back to its most ancestral roots.

You can listen to Ensemble Voyagers piece Asadoya Yunta, which was released August 9th for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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