Daniel Roman cools off in the groove with the sensually stimulating new single, ‘For Me’ (feat. Trevor Cooke)

Following on from his debut EP ‘LUCKY‘ from late 2021, Daniel Roman took his time to reinvent his sound and experimented until he knew this was the one as we swim deeply into the catchy new single, ‘For Me(feat. Trevor Cooke).

Daniel Roman is a 17-year-old San Francisco, USA-based indie-pop music producer who returns with a track that reflects his goodbye to childhood.

Soaking us sweetly with a sensational song that is all about staying in the moment, Daniel Roman and Trevor Cooke transmit us an honest reminder that when you see that spark in the eye – it’s best to use this vital opportunity to be together – otherwise, you will regret it forever if you miss out.

With an electric ambience of enthralling production that heats up your mind, this is a seriously good track to play loud and dance with all night as you party the evening away until sunrise.

For Me(feat. Trevor Cooke) from the San Francisco, USA-based indie-pop music producer Daniel Roman, is the what-are-you-waiting-for anthem about taking your chance when you see it. There is so much to lather inside here on this dance floor slider, that will have your eyes alive with excitement as you are motivated to live only for now.

Featuring stunning vocals that will send you a soul-awakening shiver and a beaming smile all at once, this is a fine track that will surely summon you inside that youthfulness-filled energy that you thought would never end.

Listen up to the first single off his new project on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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