Daniel Aether – Bet & Gamble

Daniel Aether brings a global perspective to RnB/Hip Hop with his Nigerian and Italian heritage, by way of Scotland, with his new track “Bet & Gamble.” The song, on its face, is a pretty straight-up-sexy-slow-jam song with a beat that features Spanish style guitars and light analogue style synths. Aether’s voice is what really drives the number home – he’s got high-notes for days and easily displays a vocal sensitivity often lacking in those singers/rappers who rely all too much on autotune. Additionally charming is a very non-placeable accent in his singing; it’s like you know there’s some cultural inflection.

Currently Aether’s SoundCloud page has only three songs currently (I’m hoping that will change as he is writing and producing more) and they all seem to centre on a lo-fi attitude – his style is very identifiable in that he’s clearly an individual in a world of clones (dare I hope that originality is making a comeback?). If you’re a visual person, then I would recommend a hop over to his Instagram account where you can see him in striking fashion and pictures around various cities.

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    Daniel Aether
    4 February 2023 at 12:48 pm

    I am so incredibly flattered by these words, I cannot describe how happy this made me when I was reading it! Sharing your art can always be an intimidating and scary process, so I will always be grateful for people appreciating my music. Thank you!

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