Dane Releases Hip-Hop Track ‘Clarity’ Prod By Refuuj

Clarity is an apt title both thematically and literally for this track. Literally because the clean, cerebral production makes every layer of this carefully crafted late night tale a joy to listen to.

Thematically because Dane has put down in words something most of us will experience at some point. Drunkenly realising that it just isn’t going to work with that girl.

Perhaps this is a recurring theme in Dane’s life, “thank god I was faded” hints at a defensive edge to the track. Which would be right. The track moves at a consistently slow pace, never releasing some of the tension it builds.

It’s a jaded, late-night slow burner that would be at home at any afterparty once the concotion of drugs and booze have sent everyone “down the rabbit hole”.

Hopefully the themes this track brings up aren’t too relatable but if we are being a bit “jaded” then I would say they are.

God I’m lonely…

-Zach Hughes

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