DANCE PARTY – TOO HOT TO TOUCH: The Party has just started

Spreading some off-the-hook vibes of the late 70’s, Dance Party make their way onto the dance floor with their latest “Too hot to touch”, a radio hit that could definitely pump up your ride and give Disco music a fresh new start.

As soon as you hit play you can’t help but dance along (whether you’re sitting or standing) and snap your fingers to the beat. The synth melody sets the tempo (with its crescendo in the first bits) and brings in a disco-mixed-house atmosphere that reminiscences that Disco Inferno era. The hook on the guitar solo and the solo itself perfectly wedge in the rhythm leading to a voice solo chorus part that holds up the beat and makes you clap along.

“Too hot to touch” is a hint to one simple thing: the party has just started.  

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Review By Jim Esposito

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