Dan Hollinrake – Perfect World: Melodiously Magnetic Indie Folk Pop

Through a combination of melodiously magnetic acoustic guitar, striking vocals, and candidly narrative vocals, singer-songwriter Dan Hollinrake has created an unforgettable single with “Perfect World”.

The Indie Folk artist refrained from using the annoying jangly guitar progressions, and equally as annoying fractured vocals. Instead, in Perfect World, you’ll find rhythmically rendered immersive Blues melodies which sit in perfect synergy with Dan Hollinrake’s pitch-perfect vocal dynamics, they may stretch high, but they never break out of concordance.

The uplifting Folk track alludes to the importance of putting your own needs and feelings first in the aftermath of a breakup. Even if you don’t find yourself that same situation as you listen to Perfect World, it’s still an evocative hard-hitter.

You can check out Dan Hollinrake’s latest single Perfect World for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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