Dan Gold – Technique: The Thrashing Grooves of Contemporary EDM

As Trance mixes go, Dan Gold knocked it out of the park with his latest snaringly fabulous, deep rhythmic single Technique. The instrumental track may be under 4 minutes long, yet the thrashing groove which is contained within the track will stay with you for a hell of a lot longer.  The old school keys weaved into the mix took me back to the old school House root, whilst the snaring overlays of sound kept his debut single as fresh at comes. Considering Techniques was Dan Gold’s first ever single I’d like to know what rock he’s been hiding his compellingly classic sound under. Whilst it may take a fair amount of time for the momentum to build within the track once you’re riddled amongst the kicks and drops of the beat it’s safe to say it was worth the wait.

You can check out Dan Gold’s latest Dance hit Technique on Spotify for yourselves now, why not add it to a playlist? With a track like that in your musical arsenal I’d say it would be pretty hard to ever be miserable.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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