Damien – Angry White Boy Music: The Nu Age Of Nu Metal

Norwegian rapper and producer Damien has absolutely bowled me over with his latest track. Angry White Boy Music could only be described as a progression… or a transcendence if you will from the 90’s and 00’s Nu Metal fad, when acts like Limp Bizkit and Skindred defied the genre-boundaries with a brand-new sound. Rap artists such as Damien have perfected the craft with insanely edgy, monstrous rap flows against a hard-contemporary metal beat. But what I find outstanding is the diversity in this outstanding artist’s back catalogue of beats. He goes from your not-so-average Hip Hop Rap artist to mastering one of the darkest Rap mixes that has potentially ever been made. I may sound like I’m fangirling all over the show, but the contrast between the Alternative Rock instrumentals which include some of the sexiest riffs since Rob Zombie picked up his guitar and treated Metal fans to Dragula against his rap flow is absolute macabre poetry in motion. The rhythm, the pace, the angst, it’s all packed in there to create a seamlessly resonant track.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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