Damian C. releases jaunty indie-pop ballad ‘Stagecoach (What’cha Waiting For?)’

Self described as ‘indie-pop with a dash of country’, Damian C. lives up to the title of his latest song by giving his fans what they’ve been waiting for in this acoustic ballad.  

‘Stagecoach’ is a breezy, happy affair. With a jangling guitar and Damian C.’s sweet, soulful voice undulating throughout, it’s the kind of track you want to magically come on as a soundtrack to walking through a sun-baked field – or better yet, hear at a festival in that very same sun-baked field. 

A track that makes you feel positive the moment it shifts from a live-to-studio recording, this shouldn’t wait to be on any summer indie-pop playlist – and while we wouldn’t say we can’t wait for more, we are looking forward to more of where this comes from. 

You can listen to Damien C.’s ‘Stagecoach (What’cha Waiting For?)’ on his Spotify page.

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