DajshaDoll’s Debut of Attitude-Driven Hip Hop

Some artists like to play it safe with their first ever single releases but it’s safe to say that DajshaDoll didn’t care to test the water before she dropped an absolute bomb of a track.

There are some Hip Hop Rap artists that you bow down to out of sheer respect before the first verse has run through, can’t say it happens all too often, but when it does, you know you’ve stumbled across an absolute gem of a recording artist. The lyricism to her first single Gshit may be explicit, but God damn does she drive the message home that women deserve more respect from the bro’s that seem to think they can still get away with treating women like dirt. The up and coming Ohio based Rap artist carries the perfect flow with her Rap bars which pack a dizzying amount of lyricism into each line. You really can’t fault the beat to Gshit either it provides the perfect haunting, captivating platform for DajshaDoll to lay down her expressive angst.

You can check out DajshaDoll’s first single Gshit on Spotify now. I promise that your opinion of female Rap artists will change forever after you check out DajshaDoll’s stunning debut.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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