Da Family – Mansa Musa: EDM-Driven Hip Hop

“Mansa Musa” is the latest drop from up and coming Hip Hop artist Da Family, if you’re in the market for some heavy electronically-driven Hip Hop you can’t go far wrong with the electrifying tempo of this track which was matched by authoritatively relentless rap bars.

Whilst I absolutely love the energy behind the beat of Mansa Musa the constant wall of noise does get slightly distracting throughout the progression of the track. I will always appreciate a solid hard-hitting EDM Hip Hop beat, yet what Mansa Musa lacked was the mix up in the flow, without the hooks and the drops it’s a straight up aural attack. Having said that, Mansa Musa would sound infinitely better blaring from club monitors than it does from my Beats.

You can check out Da Family’s latest single Mansa Musa for yourself by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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