D. Walker – Distance: Hauntingly Resonant Hip Hop

There’s something beautifully accessible about D. Walker’s debut single Distance. When a track falls into the Hip Hop genre straight away you anticipate harsh 808 beat and self-aggrandized aggressive lyricism and vocals, yet D. Walker’s track is prodigally ambient.

The up and coming artist’s beat and lyrical flow incorporate the inventive use of spatial effect to set the tone for an almost haunting track as the captivating aura of the synth flows with ubiquitous fluidity from the prelude to the fade out. D. Walker’s playfully enigmatic Rap style allows the gritty sentimentality behind the lyrics to hit you as he serves up poignant, pensive emotion whilst commanding the same respect of the most aggressive Hip Hop artists. Yet, it’s clear that D. Walker’s soul is poured into his compositions.

If you’re a fan of Ambient Urban artists such as Lil B, DJ Spooky, the Weeknd and Four Tet; you’re going to want to check out  D. Walker’s mesmerising 2018 single Distance for yourself by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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