D-Rock – They Wouldn’t Know: Dub-Soaked High-Energy Hip Hop

When you happen across a Hip Hop track with just as much bounce as ingenuity in the lyrics, it’s hard to write a review without any of expressions of profanity. Because damn, D-Rock’s latest track They Wouldn’t Know is so fresh and alive with aggressive electricity it’s almost insane.

The dub drops that the up and coming recording artist throws onto the beat makes They Wouldn’t Know a compellingly hard hitting anthem which is packed full of sentiment. By the time you reach the last verse it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from joining in with the lyrics which carry the perfect amount of repetition to make the track infectious whilst steering clear of lyrical monotony.

After listening to just one track from D-Rock and listening to his Rap bars I’ve already got mad respect for the artist. The vocal diversity in They Wouldn’t Know prove that he’s not an artist that can be reckoned with.

You can check out D-Rock’s single They Wouldn’t Know for yourself by heading over to Spotify. While you’re there I’d check out the rest of his 2018 EP ‘Under Construction’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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