D-9 Musick brings out ‘9-Scope’ EP for our listening pleasure

D-9 Musick brings out the brand new ‘9-Scope‘ EP for our listening pleasure.

This new project from D-9 Musick features Wop Kash, Plaay, Jane Doe and Lil Hollow. This is a Hip Hop filled journey through the 7 track effort. This is a smokey style, lots of 420 and loads of good music.

The headline tracks are definitely ‘Juice‘ and ‘Traffic’. The raps are ferocious throughout and these make my head bob the most. The beat is moody, like a drive-by kind of feel and this is that street-rap that most rappers wish they sounded like. This mesh of artists here is fantastic, the variety is so great for the listener as we head street stories and life in the hood.

9-Scope‘ EP from D-9 Musick is an underground Hip Hop release for the ages, this is a fine effort and we are treated to the raw feel of rap. Nothing is left behind here and this is an EP with music that will blare through the speakers.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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