Cuva – Overcast – A Transiently Hypnotic Pop-Leaning Genre-Mash

The transiently immersive rhythms which run through up and coming experimental artist Cuva’s latest single “Overcast” may be amongst some of the most hypnotically resonant that I’ve heard this year. Whilst “resonant” is a term which tends to get banded around a lot, in the case of Overcast the light textures of the mutedly melodic mix serves as the perfect platform for the vocals which are as easy to listen to as breathing. With elements of Indie, Alt Rock and Electro Pop all get fed into the sonorous mix, Cuva have made it impossible to place a label on their sound or find reminiscence to another act out there on the scene to date. There’s an upbeat quintessential vibe to the sound, yet at the same time, they’ve kept the sound moody and intellectually-inspired enough to appeal to even the harshest audiophile critics.

You can check out Cuva’s latest single Overcast for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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