Cry For Help: Sadcult opens the curtains on the terrifying modern day spine-shaker, Night Terrors

Tearing through the walls and feeling tied up by the power of the demons within, Sadcult shocks even the bravest amongst us with a scintillatingly intoxicating performance made for underground festivals of substance with Night Terrors.

Sadcult is a UK-based alt-grunge band who loves to find the edges of their imagination to make music so powerfully intertwined into our distracted minds awaiting new heroes.

They write from a place we all know: a sharp-edged nostalgia filled with memories and angst.” ~ Sadcult

Wondering if this is a dream or a fragment of the tempting illusion, Sadcult sends our emotions into a dizzy dream which is hiding beyond even the wildest memory. This is raw and real, enlightening all who have never felt a stingray-like shock to the toes.

Night Terrors from UK-based alt-grunge band Sadcult is a razor-sharp performance made from the heart and has such a bounce to it, which is surely perfect for those authentic music venues where you can take your shirt off inside.

Listen up in the dark on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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