Crouton Cannon – Credit: Funky Dance Rock

Indie Rock can have many faces: It can be depressed, it can be spooky, and it can be innovative. The song “credit” doesn’t fall into any of these categories; it’s a fun song featuring some cheerful lyrics and a chorus you can get up and dance to. And it’s splendid!

Crouton Cannon is a band that draws quite apparent influences from acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Vulfpeck and Steely Dan. Consequently, there’s an apparent funky element to their music. Judging by this song, they must not be the band that takes themselves too seriously or the band that would hesitate to satire themselves. I mean, there are enough bands in the genre that appear all gloomy and serious, so this is a welcoming change, isn’t it?

“Credit” is written by Alex Marshall, their guitarist. It features female vocals that are satisfying but nothing to write home about. It also features a couple of funky guitar riffs and you can dance to the chorus. Nothing to over think, just a song to have a good time. I’ll take it.

Watch the music video for “Credit” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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