Coumarin’s latest single “Dreams” is a sonically-sweet Indie Pop Rock earworm which anthemically begs for repeat attention

Stop listening to Joy Division’s “Isolation” on repeat and get acquainted with German Indie trailblazers Coumarin’s latest release “Dreams”.

Dreams was recorded and produced during the lockdown over the course of 2 months. Perceptibly, Coumarin didn’t need to be in close proximity with one another to create one of the most synergistic tracks which we’ve heard this year. While we’ve heard plenty of obvious and trite tracks inspired by lockdown, Dreams operates on a far more refined level. It alludes to the new level of mistrust which we’ve found with the world and shares those private moments of dissatisfaction which we’ve swallowed alone in our rooms.

Hit play and you’ll hear an indulgent cocktail of Indie, Pop, Rock, and Jangle Pop with slight nuances of Post Punk in the sonically sweet record. The stunningly angular guitar notes took my breath away on multiple occasions as the punchy and effervescent instrumentals weaved their way through the progressions. And with the massive choruses, it’s safe to say Coumarin cooked up a stylistic Indie Rock storm with Dreams.

You’ll be able to stream and download Dreams for yourselves via Bandcamp from today and you can watch the video here.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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