Cosmic – Bank Account: Rappers in Recession

Well, the track is going to be about being minted or broke isn’t it?

This Hip Hop & Rap hit by Cosmic is the latter.

Satire aside, Cosmic aka T.J. Hendron debut track Bank Account is infectious, encapsulating, and dangerously relevant which any fan of harsh Hip Hop will delight in. It’s packed with animosity and first world problems. Which is a pretty common feat for Rap artists to make money so prevalent a topic in their tracks, Cosmic is following suit in his own style. The self-proclaimed “pasty white boy” takes hold of his lyrics in a grip of poetic angst to take it to the next level.

I’m not sure what captivated me most in his latest track, the fact that he referred to the philosopher Socrates and lists Eminem as is influences or the fact that he possesses such charismatic naivety. One thing’s for sure, with such a playful command of music will see him in videos 5 years down the line singing about Strippers & Cocaine. Such is the natural progression of a Hip Hop artist.

You can check out Bank Account along with his other tracks using the SoundCloud link below:

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