Coolhandtrew – 1000xs: The Hip Hop Artist Harvey Weinstein Will Hate

Within the first ten seconds of Coolhandtrew’s latest single “1000xs” I was already sold. With a beat produced to a standard you’d expect off a Jay Z track, and lyrics which instantly hook you into the narrative his single is simply perfection. It’s evident that up and coming artist Coolhandtrew is certainly a Hip Hop artist who knows how to compose a solid track, you’ve got the melody, the resonance, and the lyrical genius, what more could you possibly want?

Whether it was the ingenuity behind his bars which instantaneously had me hooked or the fact that he’s speaking out about protecting women in a world ran by Harvey Weinstein’s I’m not sure. Either way, his ability to wax lyrical with raw passion had me floored.

You can check out Coolhandtrew’s latest single 1000xs by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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