Cool Me Down: Noa Azazel refuses to be tied down on ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’

With his curly long hair flowing majestically as the towering wind blows behind his back while he lights one up, Noa Azazel further cements his growing independence with a rocking new single full of stories of doing things his way on ‘You Don’t Even Know Me‘.

Noa Azazel is a mysterious Danish indie rock solo artist, who sings with an honest tone about how he sees life. This is a musician who performs from the heart and doesn’t let anyone else dictate his movements.

This is the story about doing things you feel are right no matter what as to never get hurt again, his strong voice and attitude shows us through this edgy track, full of lines and smoke-filled visions, as he showcases his ability with a memorable performance on this speedy single.

You Don’t Even Know Me‘ from the forthright Denmark-based indie rock musician Noa Azazel, is that rebellious track that underscores his journey to finding true meaning in his heart. With a likable vocal ability and lots of honest lyrics that so many can relate to in this wild times. He is a young man with potential oozing from his soul, if he can find the right lane to ride through.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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