Convictions of Leon – Become the Paradigm: Cathartically Progressive Metal for the Existential

Become the Paradigm by Convictions of Leon

Seattle-based bedroom Metal pioneers Convictions of Leon have recently released their latest single “Become the Paradigm”.

With the single you get the rare impulse when listening to an artist for the first time to crank it up as loud as possible to truly appreciate every intricately placed texture which has been weaved into the futuristic multi-layered mix.

It almost feels criminal to dissect the track for how well each stylist element feeds into the perceptible pain of the single. Whether you get hit by the lyrics and vocals, or the overwhelmingly crushing instrumental progressions the hardest, there’s no denying that Become the Paradigm is a bruising work of aural alchemy. The harrowed screams on the outro were nothing short of perfection.

You can stream and download Become the Paradigm for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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