Constant Flow make the bass thump with ‘Pac Lyfe’

It’s been a bad few weeks for rap and hip hop, with the recent tragic deaths of both DMX and Double K, but it’s just possible there’s the slightest little glimmer of light in that darkness with ‘Pac Lyfe’, the new single from Floridian crew Constant Flow. Taken from new album ‘Unexpected – The Mixtape’, ‘Pac Lyfe’ grooves and grinds like proper old school dirty, gritty hip hop should, all deep bass, 808 beats, and smooth, lyrical flow.

It’s grimy, it’s sexy, and at times it’s downright despicable, all thump and punch, hard-hitting bass beats sitting behind that repetitive ‘…I can make the bass thump…’ vocal stamp; and yes. Yes, they absolutely can. You should check it out, right now, before the foundations crumble.

Hear ‘Pac Lyfe’, and the rest of ‘Unexpected – the Mixtape’, on Spotify; check out Constant Flow on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

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