Conscious Tone offers pure urban poetry with their latest single “Blame Me”

The prelude to Conscious Tone’s latest single “Blame Me” prepares you for a heavy track, but there’s no anticipating the lyrical weight which hits you as you listen to the potently passionate R&B Hip Hop Rap single unfold. Even though the lyrics are a little hard to keep up with from the listen, that just leaves you with the compulsion to hit repeat on the track which offers commanding virile poetry.

Blame Me is the first track to be released from Conscious Tone’s upcoming EP, it is safe to say that we’re already more than excited to hear what will follow. Considering that most artists struggle to offer such candid lyricism, the raw human emotion in Blame Me is as striking as it gets and it’s incredibly commendable. The lyrics and vocals are paired with a moody electronic progressive soundscape, which moves from a tantalising Indie Dreampop sound into a solid Trap mix which is constantly dominated by Conscious Tone’s feverish versing.

You can check out Conscious Tone’s single Blame Me for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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