Conner Messman – Lovesick Recital: Melodically Sweet Ukulele-Driven Folk

Even though the ukulele has never been the most favoured stringed instrument amongst the general population, I fully stand behind the tiny instrument’s jangly prowess and its ability to create an upliftingly warming soundscape. Even with the limited chord progressions of the instrument, Conner Messman blew me away with his ukulele-driven single Lovesick Recital. The track may only be 1:50 minutes long, but I won’t forget the charismatic quintessence which the indie artist made the cornerstone of this track in a hurry. The fact that he chose to close the track with the admission that he forgot the chord was beyond amazing, most musicians like to leave us under the impression that they’re infallible creatures who can do no wrong, yet, this quaint offering of humility was the perfect way to round off the track.

If you’re looking for a playfully chilled track to kick back to, you can check out Lovesick Recital for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now, if that short an sweet melody wasn’t enough, check out the rest of the tracks from Conner’s latest EP ‘ORIGINAL MARKS’. I can guarantee the sound that the EP contains is true to its name.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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