Close The Door: MG II move on before more pain is inflicted by selfish former lover on ‘Same Old Ways’

The lead track taken off their recent four-track album, MG II show us the path to end things if they get too much on ‘Same Old Ways‘.

MG II is a stunningly voiced two-piece twin sister indie-pop duo Maddie and Gaby Capozza, who are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and based in Los Angeles, California. They make that pure music about love and how sometimes it can be so complicated, when it really shouldn’t be.

You feel the pain thrust into their lungs, as you heal from trusting the wrong person with your heart again. This is the story about closing the door on their nonsense — healing up and then learning to love again — with someone who is worth it.

They sing with such unison, their minds and souls are united as one, each note is performed with such tender loving care and you feel a bit sad, but happy that they have found the strength to move on from something that wasn’t going to work out long-term.

Same Old Ways’ from the sweet twin sisters MG II, is the quintessential moment when you realize your self-worth and vow to never let someone who is only into themselves, ever take you for a ride again and bring you down to their level.

Life is about being happy and being supported, not being sad and wondering what your partner is up to half the time. Finding your own tribe, is the lock and key to true vibrations that last forever.

Stream this breakup single on Spotify and see their beach-filled escapades on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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