Clementine Java 84 feels his sad heart burning into pieces on emotion-packed track ‘Never’

Sensing that he has been let down rather badly by a former lover that shattered his heart so viciously, Clementine Java 84 shows us exactly what it feels like when you try to return to normal on ‘Never‘.

Clementine Java 84, aka Theo, is a London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and music producer who makes that deep music to reminisce with.

Guiding us through the fire and the tremendously devastating trauma, Clementine Java 84 shows us what crushing disappointment sounds like with a crushing display that will open your eyes to what the actual emotions translate to.

It is about heartbreak and I wrote it from the place of someone paralysed by grief, staring into the distance trying to come to terms with it.” ~ Clementine Java 84

Never‘ from London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and music producer Clementine Java 84 is a song that so many will certainly relate to. Feeling like he has just been thrown over into toxic waters after feeling so happy before is the feeling presented – that is sung in a rather deep tone – that will definitely catch your attention.

Love can be so harsh when it’s over, especially when you least expected it to end.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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