Christopher Alexander Has Made Their Debut with the Tonally Transfixing EP “Eavesdropper at the Delphi”

If music grips me based on tonality alone, I know I’ve just stumbled across an aural gem which will be impossible to forget. Which is exactly what happened when I hit play on the debut Psychedelic Americana Folk EP from Christopher Alexander.

“Eavesdropper at the Delphi” is much more than your assimilative ode to the past. While each single is a hazily indulgent trip, the first track “Midnight Mountain Climber” throws you right into Christopher Alexander’s devilishly hypnotic sound.

Expect teasing progressions, sublime serpentine rhythms and alchemy conjured through the playful shimmering tones of the organ and the deep Blues guitar licks which allow you to taste the friction.

I’m quite glad that the first time I dove into the arcane magic of the EP no one was witness to the multiple jaw-drop moments. Discovering Christopher Alexander’s sound left little room for decorum. The vocals add yet another incredible dynamic. There’s a slightly ominous air to them which amplifies the magnetic pull of the soundscapes in a way which leaves you endeared to the artist. But also, you’ll be left wondering if they do voodoo in their spare time.

You can check out Christopher Alexander’s EP for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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