Christine XP – Memory Jeans: Guitar-Driven Teen-Pop

Christine XP is drifting through the difficulties of a modern-day teenager with her new song “Memory Jeans”.

Christine XP seems like a pretty likable presence. From her photo shoots in which she always showcases her warm smile to her bio on her Spotify page , everything about her is charged with a genuinely positive load. She plays the guitar; she gracefully turns her wishes, thoughts, and demons into lyrics. And she sings about those things, in a way that you can almost picture her not losing her smile while recording them, which is a precious thought.

“Memory Jeans” is a song the spine of which is some plain guitar chords, enriched by various pop music sounds. Overall the production is simple and down to earth. Perhaps Christine’s aim here is to introduce herself to the world, in a not so splurging way.

A somewhat large number of psychologists and behavioral scholars agree on the notion that being a teenager is the toughest period in a person’s life. Christine XP is a teenager singing about all kinds of hardship that a fair portion of her contemporaries can find themselves fluently relating to. Listen to her sing about these things here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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