Chris St Clair – Last Train Home: A Futuristic Rhythmic Riddle of Hip Hop

I can guarantee not even the greatest Hip Hop aficionados will have heard a track by an underground artist that’s so resonant. Chris St Clair’s latest track Last Train Home (Straight Out the Glove) produced by Max Landry is a futuristic rhythmic riddle of Urban electricity. The lyrics are absolutely flawless. Quite frankly they’re bordering on genius. They’re simple, yet they contain that much needed element that many Hip Hop Rap artists forget to throw into their tracks – passion. And that’s without even touching on the beat.

The experimental sound to Last Train Home allows Chris St Clair’s signature style to shine so iridescently above the rest of the petulantly poised rhythmic artists. The move away from traditional Hip Hop synths and drum machines was a pretty bold move, yet the hype behind Last Train Home proves it paid off. Yet, despite all of the futurism you can still taste the strong roots of Chris St Clair’s clear-cut sound.

Check out the official music video to Last Train Home over on YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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