Chris Register pours soul into the airwaves with the release of their Experimental R&B EP “Senior Project: The”

Chris Register has recently made his soulfully experimental debut with the release of his 2019 5-track EP “Senior Project: The”. The 18-year-old up and coming R&B artist has stripped back the soundscape and allowed the passion in the lyrical verses take the lead in the resonantly candid singles. Such simple lines such as “I think I know a lot, but I probably don’t” aren’t admissions which you’d expect an artist to make, but within track 2 “Shlide”, you’re treated to a raw, humanistic connection with the lyrics.

To make sure that the EP didn’t fall flat, Chris Register enlisted the deft talent of Owen Ardell, Finn Scott, and Sunshine Black to create a collaborative record which carries a notably playful tonality. Even though each of the tracks is stylistic in their own way, that didn’t stop Chris Register infusing plenty of charismatically endearing flavour.

You can check out Chris Register’s collaborative EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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