Chris Harris and Erin Newman send our minds into a deep place with the excellent, ‘Ballad of a Broken Friend’

Created at the cosy Quay West Studio, Chris Harris and Erin Newman show us inside a deep story about hopelessness when someone we care about is battling badly and you are worried about what will happen on, ‘Ballad of a Broken Friend‘.

Chris Harris and Erin Newman is a sweet combination of indie blues/soul and alternative rock who are both based in the UK.

A requiem of a tragic story told by a close friend. Everyone at some point has felt the harsh pain of their closest friend. They feel powerless in their efforts to help. They worry, stress and panic that the worst could happen. Ballad of a Broken Friend is an attempt to capture the emotions of anxiety, depression, and helplessness that we can all feel when a loved one is suffering.” ~ Chris Harris and Erin Newman

Bringing so much beauty to a worrying story that shall have you crying softly if you have dealt with this intense moment or been exposed to the emotions attached, Chris Harris and Erin Newman lead us inside one of 2022’s most authentic singles. They converge so wonderfully and you will find yourself getting lost in your own thoughts here, which has you wondering if you could have done more.

Ballad of a Broken Friend‘ from the UK-based duo indie blues/soul and alternative rock Chris Harris and Erin Newman, is a tremendous release that crashes hard into your healing soul. They sing with such love and tenderness, as each note has been made with that ultimate care that is so rare in this seemingly selfish world. This is a single to embrace warmly with your partner or friend, as you look above to try and find that star of hope to help you recover from previous worry and tragedy.

Music with heart and a real message certainly still exists.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more on Erin’s IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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