Chill to the Max with “Come Thru”

“Come Thru” is smooth and chilled combination of soulful pop-oriented vocals with mellow and laid back contemporary urban beats. “Come Thru” is one of those tracks that could serve as something to chill and and bring you some relaxing vibes, or could serve as a hot track at a party. There is just that certain overall sound that makes this track chill, with a certain “it” factor that says “this needs to be on a DJ’s playlist because people are going to dance to this”.

Hailing from Berlin, MarzNb has spend a little time perfecting his art, and is building a wave of momentum that you can’t help but feel is going to be big. As of this writing, “Come Thru” has already seen 1,200 Soundcloud streams in only 10 days, and with 55 reposts I would expect that number to rise exponentially by the end of the month. MarzNb seems to have found his sound, and I would look to hear a lot of noise from this artist in the very near future. For now, you need to go check out this track for yourself.

Listen to “Come Thru” here:

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