CHILDREN – True Believer: A Pious Masterpiece of Guitar-Driven 80’s Electro

I’m not the biggest fan of children, they tend to be highly abrasive and they send my blood pressure through the roof. Thankfully CHILDREN’s latest single True Believer invokes quite the opposite reaction. CHILDREN is the brain child (pun intended) of Gil Thomas, Jeff Steiskal, Trevor Wallace & Mark Yates. The Californian based quintet create a transcendental mix of guitar-driven melodies and iridescent, sharp Electronica.

True Believer will be available to stream via SoundCloud from April 12th, 2018. In the meantime, you can check out their latest Alt Electro hits such as their debut ‘Feel Time’ EP here.  Feel Time was the first full length album created by CHILDREN. Yet, with True Believer they truly created a pious masterpiece. The multilayer sounds that the record comprises on is a labyrinth of synergetic instrumental and digital sounds. It’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting such a soaring guitar riff to be thrown into the mix.

Through their upcoming album ‘It’s Okay to Die’ CHILDREN promise to keep redefining the boundaries of contemporary sound acting as an inspiration to all the other recording artists out there who like to keep their sound squarely fitted into one genre. If you know of anyone who constantly questions if new sounds are possible in music, simply point them towards CHILDREN. Not actual children though.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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