Chicago’s Chandler Joshua sends deep message with ”Who Are You?”

Who are you really inside? Do you look at the mirror and not like what you see? This is an age old problem that has engulfed our world. With Social Media dominating our lives, self-love and mental health is even more vital these days. You need to love yourself in a humble manner to fully love someone else.

”This song is about someone who hates who they see in the mirror, someone who recognizes that they are no one, and tries to convince themselves that it does not bother them, when it is one of the most overwhelming things in their life.”- Chandler Joshua

Who Are You?” from Chandler Joshua is a sad song. No question. This is an artist that is in pain as he does not like what he sees and is trying to convince himself that it doesn’t bother him but it does. The vibe is deep and meaningful and let’s hope this song helps him grab out of the hole that he is in. Let’s hope this young Chicago artist is able to go outside more and meet that special soul that helps him. He shows promise with his music and it will be interesting to see what kind of style he puts out next.

You are someone Chandler. We believe in you.

Click on the Soundcloud page to hear this song and more from this young artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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