Cheryll – Need You: A Perfectly Balanced Mix of Soul and Unapologetic Attitude

The soulfully sonorous up and coming artist Cheryll released her latest single “Need You” on October 30th. The smooth mix of Neo Soul, Trap and R&B demonstrates that Cheryll isn’t out to assimilate any Urban artist, the Indie vibe her to her sound not only adds to the accessibility to her style, it draws you in with instantaneous endearment for her distinctive style.

Her vocals may be velvety and sweet, yet, the lyrics contain spiky pinches of unapologetic attitude which takes Need You to the next level. Instead of hearing the same old plaintive tropes of love and loss, you’re treated to a visceral hit of empowerment. What more could you possibly ask for? Even though the level of expression within the lyrics to Need You are hard-hitting, the harmonious melodies are still infinitely cathartic.

You can check out Cheryll’s latest single Need You by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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