Check Out Refractions Swirly Guitar Acrobatics On ‘Anna’

Refractions are an indie rock band with a very special approach to melody. Their swirly guitar acrobatics, floaty rhythm sections and understated vocals make me think of bands such as Transit, American Football or This Town Needs Guns, but with a more upbeat attitude.

“Anna” is a song that showcases the band’s approach at its most eclectic, combining intimate indie atmospheres with energetic grooves and guitar chops that almost blink an eye to funk. In terms of guitar arrangement, these guys certainly learned a few valuable lessons from bands such as Maps & Atlases or Minus The Bear, going for a catchy, yet sophisticated approach.

The song is not just edgy drums and cool guitar: the vocal harmonies also play a really important mix in this particular arrangements – adding air and width to the lead vocals, which has a mellow and direct vibe.


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