Chasing Ella – Nashville rock meets west coast pop

Chasing Ella may be based in Nashville, Tennessee but there is certainly something of the West Coast about the weave of indie-pop infused alt-rock that they produce, or should I say he, as despite the rich, wide screen cinematic sound that the band makes, surprisingly it is really a one man, solo musical vehicle. There is something of the sun-soaked California haze drifting through the song, something of its psychedelic past and the cosmic vibes that seems to infect its music often unbidden.

Jet Lag seems to pull musical strands from all the best music sources, Byrds-esque jangling guitars are underpinned by more robust rock guitar, ethereal pop harmonies sit alongside indie grooves and there is a wonderfully blend of accessibility and otherness which may seem an impossible combination but one listen to its clever sonic choices and you will understand how that works. Jet Lag is a song which seems to come from everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. How do you even do that?

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