Chasing Deer – Another World: Evocatively Compelling Synth Pop

When music is jangly enough to leave a smile on your face it’s generally a sign that the soundscapes were harmoniously composed, instilled with passion and evocatively compelling. Which is exactly how I would describe the powerhouse of up and coming artists Chasing Deer.

There’s no wonder why there’s such a buzz about Chasing Deer’s sound after their release of their latest single Another World. Their electric rock sound takes you right back to the 80’s. However Chasing Deer have injected an infinitely more significant amount of soul into the genre to create one of the most uplifting energies I’ve heard in a long time from contemporary Synth Pop artists. The Bowie style of vocals is an absolute dream to listen to over such a nostalgically driven yet futuristically polished sound.

You can stream Another World along with the bands other singles released as part of Chasing Deer’s year long single campaign over on Spotify. They’ll be dropping a new single each month, so make sure to stay tuned! All of the artwork for their singles will be designed to raise awareness for British Sign Language, how cool is that?

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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