Charles Hansen has dropped an aural EDM monster we can all relate to with “Quarantine Distress”

Synths don’t come much friendlier than the eccentrically accessible notes in the aural monster of an EDM mix “Quarantine Distress” by Charles Hansen which was released on March 26th.

The funky vibrant mix may bet short and sweet, but the instrumental track is entrancingly energetic from start to finish. Charles Hansen typically sticks to composing more melodically transient tracks. Yet, Quarantine is an organically uplifting mix which will be more than efficacious at pulling you out of your own isolated funk.

Finding Electronic Dance producers who offer personality and soul through their tracks may not be an easy feat, but Charles Hansen has more than made up for that shortage. It may not fix the current hand sanitizer and toilet paper scarcity, but any discerning EDM fans will agree that danceable euphoric earworms are just as essential.

You can check out Charles Hansen’s latest release Quarantine Distress for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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