Chaplin’s “Not Over You” – Tight And Energizing Pop Punk Rock

Chaplin is an upcoming rock band that you just don’t want to miss listening to. With inspiration from artists such as Green Day and Blink 182, these guys are making new and fresh rock and punk music that is not only well written but also well produced and delivered.

They clearly not only like to have fun making their music, but they also want you to truly enjoy their energizing sounds. Their latest release “Not Over You” clearly expresses all of these points, but also a very cool artistic vision and sense of musical creativity. With screeching guitars, blasting drums and a truly expressive vocal, with an edgy tone so stylistically fitting to the genre, this song is just the perfect combination of elements. Apart from the driving rhythm, the melodies and lyrics are very clear and anthemic, but the one thing that makes these guys stand out is how in synch and tight they can be together.

Needless to say this is also expressed perfectly in the production process, truly captivating and inviting you to listen even more.

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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